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Meals on Wheels Volunteer Driver Guidelines

There are three routes: Route 1 is Solvang. Route 2 includes Santa Ynez, Ballard and Los Olivos. Route 3 is a second Solvang route, which primarily includes the Alisal Road and mobile home park. Several of the deliveries on Route 2 are quite far out so be sure to allow enough time. The number of meals varies, usually around 10-20.

Meals are ready to be picked up between 10:30 am and 11:00 am at the Atterdag Village kitchen. Please use the driveway that bears right and drive to the back side of Atterdag Village. You may park in the service area behind the kitchen and follow signs to the kitchen area. Please adhere to the sign on the kitchen door and do not enter the kitchen (This is a Health Department Rule). The meals are in two coolers: one for hot and one for cold. A kitchen staff member will carry the coolers to your car. The driver route sheet is in the basket.

If you have a question about the meal count, if you are short a meal, or if you have a question about the special diets, check with the dietary staff office.

Meals on Wheels recipients are generally home to receive their meal. If they have an appointment and believe they may not be home in time, they have been asked to leave a note on their door with instructions about where to leave their meal. If everything is locked up tight or you suspect there may be a problem, leave the meal, go on to the next delivery, and call Karen as soon as possible at (805) 350-8478 to report the concern. Karen will follow-up with the client and their contacts.

Please ask clients to call Karen directly if they have cancellations, dietary changes or other requests at (805) 350-8475.

After you complete the deliveries, please return the coolers, baskets and route sheets to the Atterdag Village kitchen by 3:00 pm and call Karen with any reports.

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please call Karen or your driver coordinator.


Atterdag at Home and the seniors in the Valley sincerely appreciate your time and efforts, thank you!